Keeping students engaged with Logitech Scribe

The latest products from Logitech have been designed to help you effortlessly share a meeting experience with a level playing field, whether it's within an office or classroom environment. As more organisations move to a hybrid approach, it's important that all participants feel engaged and involved no matter where they are. Logitech Scribe is a compact, minimalist device to help you facilitate an inclusive environment.

Logitech Scribe delivers an AI-powered whiteboard camera to help teachers and education professionals share whiteboards in real time through video meetings. Designed for the modern workplace, the webcam's design offers perfect views whether you're remote or in the room.

Simply join the meeting and start sharing

AI capabilities mean you can benefit from a transparency effect so participants at home are able to see 'through' the presenter, resulting in an unobstructed view for everyone.

Wireless share button

Clean and flexible installation

Automatically enhanced colour and contrast

Logitech Scribe integrates with other leading video conferencing solutions, including Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms. With Logitech Sync, you can monitor and manage the Scribe device along with other meeting room devices, from one platform, while Logitech Tap allows you to initiate sharing through a simple touch controller.

Get everyone on board

Logitech Scribe means that everyone in any meeting room has a clear view of what's happening. Share ideas and notes with fellow colleagues across corporate environments, whether your team are in one room or following a hybrid working model. Purpose-built for room solutions, you can easily start or join a meeting with one touch, thanks to the Logitech Tap.

Its clean and flexible installation means you're able to securely mount Scribe to a variety of surfaces, with cable management that keeps everything looking sleek and minimal, whatever size meeting room you're in.

Up to three year warranty

Ensure optimal performance of your Logitech conference room hardware for a total of three years with the purchase of an Extended Warranty for Logitech Scribe, which adds one additional year to the standard two year limited hardware warranty.

Integrate with your existing video solutions

Logitech Scribe allows you to effortlessly share whiteboards within video meetings, available for use with Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms, so everyone can feel included.

Kinly in Collaboration with Logitech

Kinly is a leading provider of collaboration solutions that make it easier for people to work together, everywhere.

With 20+ years of experience in the AV and video collaboration industry, we now have around 1200 employees working with over 2,500 clients across the world-whose success we believe is the key to our own.

Technology is essential in that regard. But it can be difficult for an IT department to find, install, manage, and troubleshoot a range of collaboration technology on top of their other tasks-especially when there are several different brands and platforms in play.

That is where we come in.